Student Health

Student Health ​

What is included in a coordinated school health program (CSHP)?

The components of a coordinated school health program include:

  • Family and community involvement

  • Nutrition services

  • Physical education

  • Health education

  • Counseling, psychological & social services

  • School health services

  • Health promotion for school staff


Coordinated School Health Guidebook PDF is below.
Coordinated School Health curriculum:

Healthy and Wise-Elementary and Health and Wise/SPARK-Middle School

DSHS Coordinated School Health Resources

VMISD Wellness Policy

VMISD School Health Advisory Committee

2017 SHAC Annual Report
September 2017 SHAC Meeting Agenda
September 2017 SHAC Meeting Minutes
January 2018 SHAC Meeting Agenda

VMISD School Health Statues 2009 Checklist
Texas Education Agency
Provides information related to public education in Texas and TEA approved CSH programs.

Square Meals: Texas Department of Agriculture
Provides access to a wide range of Texas child nutrition programs, policies and resources.

TEXAS Department of State Health Services

Additional Resources

Health Education

Nutrition Services