District Mission

The mission of Valley Mills ISD is to educate each student to the highest levels of academic achievement and enable students to become successful in a global society.

District Goals

1.  All Valley Mills Independent School District students will achieve academic excellence.

2.  All students will graduate prepared to transition into post-secondary education or careers.

3.  Recruit, develop and retain qualified and highly effective personnel.

4.  Enhance and build positive perceptions, relationships, and collaboration among families, community, and staff.

5.  All Valley Mills Independent School District students are provided a safe, secure, and healthy learning environment.

Board Core Beliefs

We believe that excellence in education begins with a professional and highly motivated and passionate staff. Strong leadership and exceptional teachers are the foundation of our schools.

We believe that Valley Mills ISD can achieve higher levels of performance through clearly defined goals, high expectations, and continuous improvement.

We believe that success is driven by strong relationships, high expectations, discipline, and a sense of responsibility to oneself and others.

We believe that students are uniquely individual, developing intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally at different levels.

We believe that participation in extra-curricular activities, community service, and leadership training enhances character development and student success.

We believe that the school district is accountable to the community and must continually seek improvement.