Nutrition Services

Healthy Eating for Healthy Bodies and Minds


Good nutrition is vital to achieving and maintaining health during childhood and throughout adulthood. A diet that is adequate, balanced and varied is the key to good nutrition and promotes strong, healthy bodies and minds.


Research has established a clear link between nutrition, physical activity, health and the ability to learn. By teaching children good nutrition practices, life-long habits of health and well-being are established.


While parents are ultimately responsible for the nutritional health of their children, schools also have a responsibility to promote a healthy nutrition environment that positively impacts the health of children and their families.


A healthy nutrition environment provides quality school meals, nutrition education and physical activity for all children. The goal of the Valley Mills ISD SHAC is to work cooperatively with school personnel, food service, parents, students and community organizations to provide a healthy nutrition environment in schools and promote children's health and academic success.


What is happening in Valley Mills ISD?

  • Cafeteria makeovers to create pleasant eating environments

  • Healthier selections for a la carte lines

  • More fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy sandwich options

  • Valley Mills ISD Nutrition Service Menus and More

  • Wellness policy implementation

  • Focus on non food fund raising ideas, classroom rewards and celebrations

  • Training for elementary and middle staff on Healthy and Wise coordinated school health curriculum


How can I help my school?

  • Join PTA/Booster Club/Site-base Team/School Health Advisory Council

  • Volunteer to be a parent representative on your School Health Advisory Council

  • Work with your principal, school staff, parents and community to support nutrition education 

  • and promote a healthy nutrition environment at your school.

Do I need experience in health and nutrition? No!

There are many resources available to principals, teachers and parents who want to create healthy school and healthy home environments.


Resources Available


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Texas Department of Agriculture - Square Meals